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Trust the process

Chin Wei Ling

The Wei Ling of the past would never be capable of doing what the current Wei Ling is capable of.

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Mentoring brought along self-awareness

Gordon Quek

Mentoring helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to further work on them.

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Building a community and safe space to always fall back on

Marc Koong

Always being there for your mentees by receiving and imparting wisdom in the most simplistic ways.

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Multi-functioning learning

Pearlin Benita Love

Not only was mentoring beneficial to my personal life, it helped me in my career too.

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Ability to create a positive impact

Amitava Ray

The impact that I have given to a youth makes my mentoring journey so much more meaningful for me.

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Being good enough

Ang Shengjin

With mentees that are willing to listen, you can always be a mentor.

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Reverse mentoring

Dr Hamid Razak

The standpoints from a different generation brought along new perspectives to me.

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Inspiring students to reach their fullest potential

Liaw Lay Kian

Playing a part in encouraging students to feel determined to excel in their academic studies

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Embarking on a journey to run a youth mentoring programme

CARE Singapore Mentoring Organisations

Mentoring Organisations

Dr John Tan

I believe it'll be useful for those embarking on the journey of running a youth mentoring programme. I wish I had such information when I was stumblin...

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Creating a strong foundation for both mentors and mentees

CEO and Founder, YouthHarmony Mentoring Organisations

Mentoring Organisations

Mr Lee Yi Terng

Starter kit has helped in the initial planning and design of their mentoring programme, ensuring we follow established best practices to create the be...

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Mentoring SG - a great platform to amplify corporate values

Senior VP of HR, Lazada Corporate


Brian Liu

MentoringSG is a great platform to kick off virtuous cycles of corporates broadcasting and amplifying their values, and the good work they are doing f...

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The Value of Mentoring

Social Impact Manager, LinkedIn Corporate


Grace Seow

I understand deeply the value of mentoring. Mentoring isn’t just for young people but so essential to helping everyone, regardless of age, navigate th...

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