Our Mentoring Format

There is a saying, "we all come from the same root, but the leaves are all different". We are all unique individuals with differing preferences in which we like to grow.
You will definitely find the perfect fit with the various mentoring formats offered by Mentoring SG.


Informal Mentoring

Informal mentoring, or what we refer to as 'kopi mentoring', typically involves informal conversations and the absence of structured programmes. This grants you the freedom and flexibility to take charge of your mentoring experience and presents as an easier avenue for the establishment of a mentor-mentee relationship.


Structured Mentoring

Are you considering a mentoring experience with a well-defined growth trajectory?

Structured mentoring provides a systematic approach with clear, measurable goals established. Typically, your progress will be monitored and supported. This sets the tone for a purpose-driven mentoring experience where you are committed and constantly working towards realising your goals alongside your mentor.

Structured mentoring is not limited to 1-to-1 mentoring; they can also be part of a group setting (group mentoring) or take on a hybrid approach.