The metaphor ‘Stand on the shoulders of giants” talks about using the understanding gained by those who have gone before in order to make intellectual progress. In a similar vein, we are extending the invitation to youth within our community to make an aspirational step towards self-development with help from individuals who have acquired past, valuable knowledge.



Forward SG is a collective effort led by DPM Lawrence Wong and his 4G leadership team, working in partnership with Singaporeans, to review and refresh Singapore’s social compact and set out a roadmap for the next decade and beyond.

The partnership will kickstart the next phase of Singapore Together, building on momentum that has grown since the movement's launch in 2019.

The exercise will be organised along six pillars, each headed by the leaders from the 4G team.

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Mentoring SG is a national movement that aims to build a culture of mentoring in Singapore and make mentoring more accessible for youth.

An initiative under Forward SG, Mentoring SG seeks to support youth development and school-to work transitions through mentoring for youth to thrive, grow and realise their aspirations. Mentors could help youth broaden their perspectives in their definition of success; and provide guidance, support and practical advice to the youth as they navigate key transitions.

Mentoring can play a pivotal role in positive identity formation and enable youth to make informed choices in education, career and life transitions. It can be a deeply meaningful and nurturing relationship in supporting youth achieve their fullest potential.


Our Story

Under the movement, the Mentoring Alliance for Action (AfA) was launched in March 2021 to strengthen mentoring efforts and provide accessible mentoring opportunities to all youth in Singapore. The Mentoring AfA is one of the many AfA under SG Together.

Led by the Mentoring Alliance for Singapore (MASg) and the National Youth Council (NYC), the Mentoring AfA collaborates with corporate partners, mentoring organisations, education institutions, youth groups, and professional organisations to nurture a community of partners committed to developing confident and resilient youth.

A 16-member Steering Committee was formed comprising members from the People, Public and Private (3P) sectors to champion the work of the Mentoring AfA. The Committee has since engaged over 400 ground practitioners, youth, mentors and parents to gather views and meaningful insights about the current youth mentoring landscape and what more can be done; and come together to develop ways to address gaps.

Mentoring AfA has since been rebranded as Mentoring SG in 2022 as part of an initiative to consolidate all mentoring efforts under a national narrative.


Our Vision

Thriving mentoring
communities where youth find
growth opportunities.

Our Strategic Outcomes


Promote a culture of mentoring in Singapore and uplift the quality of mentoring programmes for the benefit of our youth.


Strengthen youth development outcomes, via positive identity-formation and enabling youth to make better-informed choices in education, career, and life transitions.


Increase awareness, accessibility and participation in mentoring, by supporting youth to better navigate relevant mentoring opportunities based on their specific life stage, backgrounds and needs.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring stems from the desire to learn and grow.

With Singapore's most valuable resource being our people, it is crucial that development and growth remains a constant in our lives, especially during our transitional years. Mentoring provides an accountable way for people to grow further, increase the quality of their networks, and help propel them to their fullest potential through the relationship with a positive and experienced figure.



Typically, a mentor is someone that is being looked up to—providing the necessary guidance, imparting knowledge, and skillsets from time to time.

A mentee is usually on the receiving end of the relationship. The relationship forged during the process brings out the mutually-beneficial nature of mentoring, whereby both the mentors and mentees stand to learn more about themselves while flourishing as an individual.

Many would realise that mentoring is a multifaceted experience, offering an extensive range of areas for an individual to thrive.





With the ever-changing career landscape, the presence of a mentor can contribute to the attainment of career-specific goals, expansion of your professional network, and learning some of the critical skills required to be successful in the business world.



Education sets the general trajectory for all that comes ahead in life; having purposeful guidance through mentoring will help you to gain deeper insights about the various options presented to you and allow you to make decisions with confidence.


Personal Development

As a youth going through the various challenging transitional stages, a mentor can help shed some light on how to cope and adapt to certain stages effectively, giving you the assurance and confidence to overcome the hurdle.

Ever wondered what goes behind the whole mentoring journey?

Before the first meeting with your mentor/mentee, think about some of the overarching goals and come prepared with them. The establishment of boundaries and communication comes afterwards, which is crucial in ensuring an effective, healthy, and long-lasting mentor-mentee relationship. There should be ongoing meetings for the pair to catch up and reflect on their progress to ensure that both of you are aligned with the goals.

Our Scope of Mentoring:


This diagram above shows the overall process of the mentoring journey, and how mentors and mentees can interact to build strong, nurturing relationships.


Our Scope of Mentoring:

This diagram on the left shows the overall process of the mentoring journey, and how mentors and mentees can interact to build strong, nurturing relationships.