Our Guiding Principles

Mentoring SG recognises the presence and need for diversity in the mentoring community. As such, a variety of ways are made available for one to get onboard the mentoring programmes offered by us. From large-scale events such as seminars, to smaller ones including group mentoring and structured mentoring, everyone can get a slice of the pie.


Mentoring SG youth Engagement Model

This model has different entries points and can be a repeated process at different life stage/transition.


Communities & Growth-Related Opportunities

Ways for youths to get an initial experience of mentoring

  • Career discovery
  • Skills development
  • Human Library
  • Industry talks
  • Job Taster (On My Way)

Structured Mentoring

Guided by an established programme structure and sessions with different modalities

  • 1-to-1 mentoring
  • Group mentoring
  • Hybrid mentoring

Informal Mentoring

Self-initiated by mentor or mentee on their own, or via their own platforms

  • Mentoring SG Connect