Our Focus Areas

Depending on your respective stage in life, it is normal to have differing priorities and preferred approaches towards mentoring. With Mentoring SG, you are empowered to decide which aspect of your life that you want to nurture.



One of the most fundamental life stages for every youth would be their first career, as it sets the precedent for their own life trajectories later in life. Through mentoring, intentional guidance would be provided to ensure youth have a successful start and growth in the working world that benefits them both professionally and personally.



Education forms the bedrock of a youth's life trajectory, and choosing the most appropriate educational pathway is imperative for youth to grow into their fullest potential. Through mentoring, youth can be guided into choosing a direction that both benefits and interests them as they work towards making their first forays into the corporate world.


Personal Development

As youth, growth is vital as they are always transitioning from one phase in life to another. With mentoring, youth will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to fills certain gaps in their lives. They can also expect exposure on how to learn, land and thrive as an individual. The positive impact of the guidance provided will extend beyond the mentoring experience and allows the youth to excel in the many years to come.